E-Commerce Product Photography

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Clean and simple images often make for the best sales online. There's a reason so many retailers pick images on white backgrounds for their online stores. E-Commerce style images show the product as neatly as possible without distraction.


Product Photography in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1 - Consultation

Contact me with your idea. Whether you're a seasoned pro who knows exactly what they need or just starting out I can help you figure out how to get there.

Common Situations

  • You're not satisfied with cell phone pics of your products
  • You just started selling online but people aren't buying
  • You have a catalog of 1,000 products that needs to go online in the next month
  • You're a buyer or dropshipper and don't have images from your suppliers

Step 3 - Project Details & Contracts

I help you figure out how much or how little you need from me and the scope of each project. You get a detailed estimate with explanations of all the most important aspects of the shoot. We set clear deadlines for everything so you know exactly what happens and when.


  • Clear estimates and contracts. No surprises!
  • 50% Deposit at Start, 50% On Completion
  • Flexible pricing



    Step 3 - You Ship. I Shoot.

    Once we've got a game plan you send me your products and I photograph them in my home studio. Every job is done with signed contracts explaining everything I'm going to do for you and how long it will take. This means that you know just working with me will be like and your items will be protected too. Everything is handled safely and professionally.

    Upon finishing each project you get sample images to prove that work has been completed and you pay any remaining balance for the work. 24 hours after I'll send you full, high resolution files that are your to do with as you please, no complicated licensing terms.


    • Fast Turn Around Time
    • Secure & Professional
    • In-Person Pickup Available (Manhattan & Brooklyn Only)